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Innovative AI
A research arm focusing on the innovative implementation of AI in content creation and scaling, is a hub of technological excellence.
Creating the Future
Our team includes world-class ML engineers and VFX Synthetic Artists who are not just adapting to the future; we're creating it.
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Areas of research


Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Our TTS technology transforms written content into spoken words. Supporting over 130 languages, it offers precise voice recognition and playback. It’s even capable of mimicking the original voice. No need for microphones, voice actors, or separate audio recordings.

Lip-Sync Multi-Speaker Feature

This groundbreaking first at the market feature offers a unique experience, setting new standards. Modify the CTA in your marketing videos to make them personalized. You can insert different names, addresses, or offers into your speech without the need to reshoot.

This means with just one video in any language, you can create hundreds of personalized videos with various offers in multiple languages.

Content from Scratch

Start creating fresh and engaging content with ease. Repurpose translated videos without switching to other tools, saving time and effort!

Rask Shorts

Create viral shorts in over 130 languages from your existing videos. Leverage your current video assets as a dynamic source of social media content.

Rask AI can generate tweets, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts based on your existing marketing, educational, or entertainment videos, enhancing your digital presence and engagement.

AI video editing

Intelligently analyzing videos and customizing into different formats. Detection & watermarking of AI-generated content, tracing the origin of the content.
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