Our story

After more than a decade working at the intersection of advertising and artificial intelligence, Maria Chmir founded Brask in 2020 to revolutionize video content creation with AI.

Joining Maria in her mission are some of her former colleagues as well as a selection of esteemed academics and experts in the machine learning and AI space.

Brask began as a thrilling adventure with friends and has grown into scaleup with the innate bravery and daring ethos ingrained in its DNA.

50 +

team  members

50 000 +

users of our products

10 000 +

hours of AI generated content

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Our vision

AI-generated video content ushers in a new era of visual creation that is comparable to the transition from painted pictures to photography; from analog to digital film making.

At Brask, we are supporting creators as they use AI technology to push the boundaries of their creativity, all the while decreasing production costs, facilitating opportunities for monetization, and helping creative teams increase their global reach.


Pete Basgen

Strategic advisor, Global head of brand creative at StreamElements, former Creative Strategist at Twitch

Ross Yellowlees

Advisor, general manager at IZEA,
formerly at Jungle Creations

Evan Hoffman

Advisor, executive brand strategist and marketing lead, former vice president at Octagon

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