Our AI Ethics

Our company ethos lies in empowering creators. That's why, as pioneers in AI technology and content creation, we put our creators and their legal rights first.

In addition, we work closely with industry leaders, the scientific community, and broader audiences to ensure we stay committed to the responsible use of AI technology, with legal protection and AI ethics central to our ongoing strategy.

There is no doubt that AI-generated content will provide incalculable benefits to global content and media industries going forward. However, it is our firm belief that ethical transparency must remain central to these advancements.

Legal protection
of content authenticity

A central facet of our work is the protection of authenticity. This means we will never create or distribute an individual's likeness without their explicit permission. We believe that AI-generated content is authentic only when all parties have expressed their legal consent.

and collaboration

As professionals hailing from multiple industries, we are committed to collaborating with media corporations, governments, and AI research institutions to raise awareness and establish ethical standards relating to content authenticity in AI.

in the use of AI

Our products make AI technology accessible to creators while simultaneously limiting potential opportunities for irresponsible use.

Content origin tracing

Security is a top priority for our team. We are able to trace the origin of each piece of content which both protects our clients and assists in the detection of deepfakes. We also offer our clients multiple solutions for staying transparent with audiences and watermarking AI-generated content.